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The Unfair Traffic Advantage rebrandable report by Britt Phillips
From: Britt Phillips
Re: Viral Report ReBranding

Dear "Soon To Be VERY Excited" Friend,

Rarely is anything FREE that has the power to ignite your passion like what you're about to read...

If you're interesting in traffic generation, list building, affiliate marketing, or making money, you've landed in the right place and at the right time.

Take a look at the image to the right it's called "The Unfair Traffic ADVANTAGE" and it's my free gift to you today to introduce you to the exponential power of viral marketing.
Watch this video for an introduction to rebrand these reports.
Discover the exponential power of viral marketing.
Inside this 26 page report are many tips, techniques, and effective strategies that show you how to literally turn struggle in to success. And you're about to discover how to do it starting today! I hand you everything you need to be light years ahead of everyone else.

I'm going to introduce you to the exciting world of viral marketing and show you how to very easily generate more website traffic, build huge lists of opt-in subscribers, and make more money much faster than perhaps you are now.
Viral Report Marketing Has Consistently Been Used to Generate Massive Sales, Build Huge Lists, And Deliver Server-Crashing Traffic for All Sorts of Products & Services!
Many Marketers Charge a Fee to ReBrand Their Reports. However, My Reports Are 100% FREE!
Never pay a fee to rebrand a report.
But, not all rebranding is the same. Unfortunately (for them) many marketers are using really old, often complicated methods of rebranding their reports. This makes it tough for the average person who comes along and wants to get a branded copy of their report. And  obviously as a result these guys don't enjoy anywhere near the viral exposure they could.

You don't have to worry about paying to have me rebrand one of my reports for you. You don't have to worry about hard to follow rebranding instructions either. I've set up a very simple online rebranding tool that makes it a quick and simple breeze to rebrand any of my reports with your affiliate and referral links! All you do is enter your affiliate or referral ID in to the form for the link(s) you wish to have rebranded and simply leave the ones you don't blank. Next my system spits out your custom report in seconds - ready to go!

All of my reports are in the accepted industry standard PDF format. Another huge mistake many marketers make is trying to use .exe reports. Most people are very nervous about clicking on a .exe file because they worry about getting a virus - as they should be! By using the standard PDF format you never have to worry about anything.

Here's How Your ReBranded Report Will Go Viral
Easily recruit an Army of people to help spread your message using viral marketing for free!
Here's How To Pick The Report(s) You Wish To ReBrand So You Can Get Started Immediately...
Once you click on the next image below you will be taken to my reports page. And on that page you will see a list of reports that are currently available for rebranding.
Here's Why You're Gonna Love My Twist On Viral Report ReBranding And How It Will Help You Drive More Traffic, Build Bigger Lists, And Put More Money - Lots More Money In Your Pockets!
I'm also a website builder and graphics designer in addition to being a successful Internet marketer. I utilize these strengths to help you spread more of these reports around the web. This way you get more traffic, build bigger lists, and make more money. And I know you would be insane not to come back and ReBrand more of my reports. And this helps us both! Here's how I do it.

In addition to writing these reports, I also create
matching graphics for each report. They include a web page header, footer, download image, as well as several banners, report cover styles etc. These are automatically included with each report! There's nothing to buy. I create these because I want everyone to have the best possible opportunity to help me spread these reports around virally. Here's a few samples...
Imagine having these professional looking website graphics on your site helping you generate endless downloads of your rebranded reports.
Turn-key ready to use websites make this really easy.
Viral marketing is about numbers.
NUMBERS... it's all about getting
MORE people to download your
report. And I help you do that.
For those who want a more turn-key approach...
Make serious money with viral marketing using reports with your affiliate links and referral ID numbers in them.
So how much money can you really make from viral report marketing anyway?
Would you like to have a penny that is doubled every day for 30 days?
Perhaps you've seen the figures as they relate to a penny that is doubled every day for 30 days. It's a pretty interesting scenario for sure.

One could liken viral reports in the same context. Of course I have no I really have no way of knowing how many copies of your ReBranded report are going to ultimately end up all over the web.

I can tell you that I've seen some amazing things happen as a direct result of viral marketing. And when you combine this with the ever increasing number of new people who log on to the Internet for the very first time, it stands to reason logically that the web is only going to get bigger!

Let's hypothetically say that only one person in a week  reads your ReBranded report and clicks one of your affiliate links to buy something. And let's say that your affiliate commission from this sale is $25. to keep the math easy.

You would earn $25. X 52 weeks for a total of $1,300. Not bad. You could enjoy a nice vacation with it.

Of course it's entirely possible that more than just one person will read, click and purchase something through one of your affiliate links. Do you think it's possible that perhaps three people may do so? Absolutely!

You would earn $75. X 52 weeks for a total of $3,900.
Even better. You could take your significant other on a cruise and have an awesome time!

But here's something to think about. Let's say that you put a little effort in to promoting the report and you drive some traffic (using the effective strategies I will show you) to your download page.

The report is free. This will attract lots of people. My reports are all well written. They are full of solid content. People respond well to it. So what it really comes down to is numbers as I mentioned before.

A certain number of people are going to download your report. Some will act on it and click one of more of your affiliate links and purchase. Others may wait because they are busy and don't have the time to read the report immediately. And guess what happens? That report is sitting there on the persons computer hard drive just waiting to be read. Your affiliate links and referral IDs are also sitting there just waiting to be clicked on!
Viral marketing with rebranded reports can be a very serious way for you to make money.
When you think about how enormous the Internet is and the rate at which it is growing, and the way in which your report can exponentially spread 24/7, it's absolutely reasonable to seriously consider this potential. Incidentally, $25. X 365 days is $9,125.

There are all sorts of scenarios I could list here. However I think you get the idea. It is however kind of fun to think about what could happen so here's a few numbers for you...
How much would you earn if you made just one $25. affiliate sale per day?
$50. per day X one year = $18,250.
$100. per day X one year = $36,500.
per day X one year = $91,250.
$500. per day X one year = $182,500.
$1,000. per day X one year = $365,000.

The Unfair Traffic ADVANTAGE by Britt Phillips
It's entirely possible that multiple people could read your report, click your affiliate link(s) and purchase something in the same week or on the same day. And because of the viral nature of the reports, it simply doesn't make any sense not to grab yours today and start this potential income monster working for you immediately!
Click this image to be taken to the reports page where you will see all of the reports that are currently available for rebranding.
Be sure to read "The Unfair Traffic ADVANTAGE" report.

Britt Phillips
Internet Marketing Millionaire

Some of the most successful people in the history of the Internet became wealthy because of affiliate programs. There is insane money to be made here.
I look forward to teaming up with you. I wish you all the best.
Britt Phillips
Rebrand these reports.
Making money with viral reports is easy when you apply simply viral marketing techniques.
I vowed many years ago that when I made it I would give back and do all that I could to help as many others make it as well. I've been tremendously blessed. And now it's my turn to give back and to help as many people realize their dreams of building wealth as possible.
Here's how it works.

An informative report is written which delivers quality content to help
people fill a need such as traffic generation, list building, income
generation... the list is endless really. There are a zillion topics in
every imaginable niche.

And how here's the really cool part...

People get their hands on these reports either by downloading them
from a website, from a friend or business associate, as a subscriber
to a marketing or other niche related list, or most commonly as a free
bonus when they purchase something online.

First the report is read. The reader soaks up the knowledge contained in the report. As they read it they are given links to helpful resources. And by the end of the report they realize they can get a custom version of the report containing their affiliate links!

Now they get excited because they just read the report and they know it's good. They also know that it makes perfect sense that others would also have interest in it as well as the listed resource links contained inside.
Once you've chosen the report(s) you wish to rebrand and have rebranded them, next it's time to start promoting it. This must be done in order to spread it around the Internet virally hence the phrase "viral marketing". The great news is that it doesn't take long at all for these reports to start spreading around the web like wildfire!

Think of it in terms of having a large Army of people all helping
you spread your affiliate links and referral ID's to tons of other
eager, targeted niche buyers! Belive me, it's really awesome!

In "The Unfair Traffic ADVANTAGE" I show you simple yet very
effective methods you can use to very quickly get your report out
and circulating around the web in record time.

Another really interesting fact about viral reports is that many are
lazy when it comes to rebranding. Not all but certainly a lot.
This means that you stand a really good chance of
getting your personally rebranded report in to the
eager hands of tons of people as a direct result of
someone who is simply looking for content to add to
his/her blog for example, or perhaps to send in a
newsletter which has lots of subscribers.

The long term beauty of viral report marketing is that every person who sees your report has access to lots of other people. And this process is never ending. In fact once you get your report circulating around the web, it can grow to the point that you have literally tens of thousands of copies of it being shard and spread around every single day!
So as you can see, I've made it really easy for you. You might say I've given you a really big upper hand over anyone else who is out there trying to spread a viral report around.

With these custom images you can quickly and easily place one of the images on your blog or website and link it to your report! And if you know how to create web pages, you can even use the above images to set up your own little mini site!

Because I had so many people asking me to do it, I have also created an optional turn-key ready to go website for each report.

Each site comes complete with pre-written ad copy, layout, images, and even a compelling audio to dramatically increase the number of report downloads. Click Here to see what I mean. If you're interested in having me set up a turn-key site for one or more reports Click Here for details.